wayne stoute new world jazz trio

wayne stoute new world jazz trio

Musée des Beaux Arts: SRQ du Quebec.


NINIO ANDRES VIAL andres vial new world jazz trio wayne stoute ............... andres vial new world jazz trio wayne stoute


ERROL WALTERS errol walters jazz bass jamaicanwj3j3nerrol walters jazz bass jamaica


WAYNE STOUTE wayne stoute drums & percussion nwnwn wayne stoute drums & percussionj3wj3



With Equaye Brian Quayewayne stoute new world jazz trio

Le Medely: Ecole National de L'Humour/Astral


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The New World Jazz Trio: Summer 2007.


The New World Jazz Trio brings together three individuals with heritages from different parts of the world to Montreal. These musicians have a firm grip on the pulse of North American music and at the same time they continue to draw on their rich and varied musical back backgrounds. The end result is a repertoire of mostly jazz standards along with music from the Caribbean and South America.

Le New World Jazz Trio regroupe des individus possédant un héritage culturel provenant de différentes parties du monde a Montreal. Ces trois musiciens ont une bonne connaissance de la musique nord américaine et ses vibrations et du même coup continuent d’enrichir leurs antécédents musicaux. Le résultat de cette combinaison? Un répertoire d’ambiance, majoritairement jazz, avec des sonorités des Caraïbes et d’Amérique du Sud.


WAYNE STOUTE comes from Trinidad, the land of the steel band and calypso. This is the most southerly island in the Caribbean and is situated a mere eleven miles off the coast of Venezuela, South America.

ERROL WALTERS the bassist comes from Jamaica, the great tourist destination to the south of Cuba and the birthplace of reggae. In his late teens Errol was a recording session guitarist and bassist in Jamaica. He studied classical bass in Montreal and jazz bass with Eddie Gomez in New York City. He has played, recorded and toured with world-renowned jazz musicians from New York City and Montreal. He has studied at both McGill and Concordia Universities.

ANDRESS VIAL was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, of South American parentage. He has performed extensively in a wide range of idioms, including Jazz, Latin, Funk, Balinese, Rock, and Modern Classical music.

His parents moved to Canada from Argentina and Chile in the late 1970's at a time when brutal military regimes were in power in both countries. Coming from a very musical family (his father was a classical pianist and everyone in his family plays an instrument),
Andres was exposed to South American folk music, classical and popular music from an early age. He started playing the piano as a young child, studying the classical literature but being more inclined to pure improvisation. At age 11, he was drawn to jazz, blues and boogie-woogie styles of piano playing. At age 13 he also began to play drums, performing with a variety of rock, jazz and blues bands.

From 1996-2000, he attended the Vanier College music program, studying drumset and classical percussion. His involvement in the performance of works by Minimalist composers such as Steve Reich inspired Andres to want to learn about Balinese music. Eventually he joined a Balinese percussion ensemble in residence at the University of Montreal. He performed extensively with this ensemble from 1997-2000 and 2004-2005.

From 2001 to 2004, Andres studied jazz piano at the New School University Jazz and Contemporary Music In New York City. In 2004, after graduation, he returned to Montreal.

Wayne and Errol have lived in Montreal for approximately twenty-five years and have worked with some of Quebec’s top performers. They both have their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees majoring in music from Concordia University, Montreal.


BERT BOLDEN, the steel pan player comes from Trinidad & Tobago and has lived in Montreal for a number of years.


Corporate/Cocktail: _

For 2009:

Option 1 ___ The addition of a steel pan player.

Option 2 ___ Addition of a female vocalist.

____________________________________________ MARCIA SEEBARAN


Option 3 __The addition of a clarinetist/saxophonist/flautist for a New Orleans or cool jazz sound.

Options 4 __ Ambience or dance music played from cd’s before the performances and/or during the pauses.




wayne stoute new world jazz trionwjwayne stoute new world jazz trio

You Don't Have To Leave Montreal,

With the feel of a warm tropical breeze,
they take you on a jazzy cruise through the Caribbean.


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