wayne stoute tropical pan3

wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband

After the cocktail, its a "conga" line to the dining room.


wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband

Pharmacie Jean Coutu convention: La Malbaie, June 2005:

wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband dudup

Wayne playing the dudup and the Pearl tom-bourine.

wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband

Sunkist Promotion: Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrook, Trois-Rivieres & Ottawa, February 2003.




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Wayne Stoute & Tropical Pan3

Tropical Pan3 consists of three pans. One playing the melody, one playing the chords and the “dudup” which has two notes. This special pan was used in the early days of the steel band to play a rhythmic pattern in the low range. It can be compared to the “surdo” in Brazilian samba or the large “dhol” in North Indian bhangara music. It was eventually replaced in the early 1950s when true bass pans were developed.
Tropical Pan3 is a bit reminiscent of the early days of the steel bands using congas and various percussion instruments as opposed to a modern drum set. For concerts the group will consist of three of the top pan players in Montreal, Wayne Stoute on“dudup” and percussion and drummer-percussionist Evans Baptiste on congas and timbales.

Avec ses rythmes traditionnels trinidadiens, Tropical Pan 3 rappelle l’esprit original des premiers « steel bands ». A la tête du groupe, Wayne Stoute, accompagné d’un percussionniste et de trois joueurs du typique « steel drum », frappe les percussions et impose le « dudup », instrument qui s’apparente au surdo brésilien ou au dhol indien.

You Really Don't Have To Leave Montreal,

Their performance will put a lot of sunshine and a bit of the Trinidad carnival into your day.



wayne stoute & tropical pan3 montreal steelband

trinidad & tobago



wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband

wayne stoute tropical pan3 steelband

The best steelband music in Montreal.

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